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Wedding Dancefloor Hire

Step into your fairy-tale wedding with LED Dance Floors, where we dance through tailored quotes to find you the perfect floor at the best price. From the glitz of retro to the glamour of starlit, and the shine of LED, we’ve got the dance floor to make your special day sparkle.

Find your dream wedding dance floor with LED Dance Floors

Imagine the perfect backdrop for your first dance as a married couple. With LED Dance Floors, this vision becomes a reality. We offer a range of exquisite dance floors, each designed to add a unique charm to your special day.
  • White LED Starlit Floor

    Immerse yourself in the romance that the White Starlit Dancefloor creates. Its gleaming surface, dotted with delicate twinkling lights, sets a dreamlike stage for your first dance. From the first dance to the last, this sparkling white floor makes every moment feel like a scene from a fairytale.
  • Black LED Starlit Floor

    Choose the Black Starlit Dance Floor for an air of sophisticated magic. The glossy black finish, sprinkled with dazzling star lights, crafts a stunning backdrop, especially for wedding photos. It’s like dancing under a starlit sky, adding a layer of elegance to your big day.
  • LED Illuminated Dance Floor

    Turn up the fun at your wedding with our Retro Illuminated 80's Dancefloor. Paying homage to the disco era, this floor brings a high-energy, colourful vibe, perfect for couples who love a good throwback. It’s a guaranteed hit, keeping your guests dancing and reliving the best of the '80s.
  • Infinity Mirror Dance Floor

    For a futuristic twist, choose our Infinity Mirrored Dancefloor. Its unique 3D effect creates an illusion of endless space, adding a modern, chic element to your celebration. It's more than just a dance floor - it's a piece of interactive art, making your wedding a trendsetting event.
Each style comes in various colours and sizes, ensuring that your chosen floor not only matches but enhances the theme of your big day.

Choosing the Perfect Dance Floor Size for Your Wedding

When planning your wedding dance floor, size does matter! Typically, about half your guests will be dancing at any one time. But you know your crowd best – if they love a good party, you might want a bit more room to boogie.

Installation time for your chosen dance floor can vary, hinging on the venue's layout, the floor's size, and ease of access. Generally, we get it ready within an hour, neatly fitting into your venue's turnover time. Need it set up a day in advance? Just let us know, and we'll make it happen, ensuring everything's perfect for your big day.

Get ready to waltz, twirl, and boogie with LED Dance Floors!

With LED Dance Floors, securing the perfect dance floor for your wedding is a breeze. We glide through the UK's options to land you the best deals, ensuring your special day is as seamless as your first dance.

Choose a dance floor that echoes your style and watch as it transforms your venue, adding that final, unforgettable touch to your wedding.

From the timeless elegance of the White Starlit to the captivating allure of the Infinity Mirror, each floor is a masterpiece, ready to make your celebration shine. At LED Dance Floors, we know the magic of a great dance floor – it's more than just a place to dance, but where lifelong wedding memories are beautifully crafted.

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From twinkling White Starlit to sleek Black Starlit, retro LED to modern Infinity - hire the perfect dance floor for your wedding.

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